What's Inside?

Everything you should be doing, as easy as possible:

Code Generators
./js jmvc/generate/app myapp
Dependency Management
steal('can',function( can ){ ... });
Production Builds
js myapp/scripts/build.js
S("#search").click().type("Hello World");
Client Side Templates
jQuery Widget Factory
Tabs = can.Control({ "li click" : function(el, ev){ ... } });
Service/Data Modeling
Todo = can.Model({ findAll : "/recipes" }, {});
Todo.findAll(function(todos){ ... });
js myapp/scripts/docs.js
Code Cleaning and Linting
js myapp/scripts/clean.js
jQuery Special Events
jQuery Utilities

You can use JavaScriptMVC as a complete framework, or download only the parts you need. Read JavaScriptMVC's features for more info.

The Plan.

What People are Saying

"JavaScriptMVC is the single most important reason why I don't hate client side development anymore."

Mihael Konjevic, HibreedCMS

"JavaScriptMVC strikes the perfect balance between structure, speed and featureset to enable web developers to build large, scalable apps in a modular fashion."

Rob Loh, Lyris, Inc.

"JavaScriptMVC is an elegant solution that has proven indispensable in building our most sophisticated applications."

Chris Osborn, Sitelier Inc.

"Since standardizing on JavaScriptMVC, we've been able to start sharing well-tested code between projects, quickly bring new developers up to speed and take the complexity out of the packaging, minification, and deployment process."

Thomas Reynolds, Second Story

"Structured Event Delegation? Development, Test, and Production environments? It even has a build step in its deployment process? Are you sure this is a JavaScript application?"

Donnie Hall, eNova Financial

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